Installing NuEtch Distraction Markers

Your NuEtch Distraction Markers will arrive as 4' strips that are rolled up, wrapped in a plastic.

When unboxing the rolled-up Marker Strips be sure to handle and store in a Clean / Dust Free environment.
Prior to use, lay out markers on a Clean / Flat surface and burnish flat with a hard-card / squeegee. 

Markers should be stored at room temperature in clean / dry environment.

Tools / Supplies:

  • Paper towels or lint free rags
  • Hard-card / squeegee
  • Painter's Tape
  • Tape measure
  • Razor knife
  • Laser Level with Tripod (Alternative is 4' bubble level)


Cleaner / Application Fluid:

  • The preferred fluid is RadidTac (available at most signage supply stores).
  • Alternative is 50/50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water in sprayer. DO NOT add soap.
  • DO NOT use spray glass cleaners as they may contain silicon for non-streaking.


  1. Use tape to mark off the surrounding area of glass to get the markers.
    (This identifies the area to be cleaned above and below the actual marker height about the size of your hand)
    NOTE: Top row of markers is typically 60" AFF bottom row is 30" AFF.
  2. Thoroughly clean the glass! 
    Scrub the glass with Paper towels / Rags and cleaning fluid until SQUEEKY CLEAN. 

    NOTE: If the glass is not properly cleaned, it will take much longer for the markers to stick to the glass while removing the application tape.
  3. Use a level to mark the height of the marker position with tape.
    The bottom edge of the tape should indicate the top of the marker.
    (Bottom of tape typically 60" AFF / 30" AFF for bottom row)
  4.  Work out positioning for seams and marker overlaps. 
    Tape markers to (dry) glass 12" above the area they will be applied to.

Installation of markers on glass:

  1. Burnish marker strip flat against the glass with the clear release liner facing you.

  2. Slowly remove the liner at a 45deg angle, carefully exposing the sticky side of the film.
    NOTE: Make sure all marker pieces are sticking to the application tape.

  3. Thoroughly spray the marker strip and glass with the application fluid. 

  4. Position the wet marker strip on the glass so the edge of the film marker touches the bottom edge of the tape. 
    NOTE: Align the film markers to the bottom of the tape NOT the edge of the transparent Application Tape.

  5. Firmly burnish the marker strip on the glass to remove as much liquid as possible.
    NOTE: Press the Hard-Card at a 45deg angle from the glass, pulling away, not digging into the marker.

  6. To Join continuous marker strips after a strip has been installed, with the application tape still on, align the first marker piece of the next strip over the last marker piece of the previous strip.
    Trim between the two strips and remove the overlapping piece from the 2nd marker.

  7. Removing the Application Tape:
    Firmly burnish the markers again with a Hard-Card!
    The transparent application tape that held the marker pieces together should be removed by slowly pulling it down against the glass at a 45 deg angle.
    If the markers aren't sticking, burnish the application tape down again and wait!
    NOTE: The time required for the film to setup and stick will vary.
    It can take minutes or hours depending on the cleaning process, application fluid and environment, ie. temperature / humidity.

  8. Gently burnish the installed film markers to remove any liquid that remains under the film. 
    NOTE: Pull the Hard-Card away from the center at a 45deg angle, be careful not to tear the film or dig into the edge of surrounding markers.
    Gently wipe the surrounding glass.

    ... GOOD JOB!

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