Materials used to make NuEtch Decals for Glass.

Easy to Install & Long Lasting

NuEtch has been making art for glass designs and decals since 2004 and over the years has evaluated and tested many materials from the leading film manufacturers.

Using the right combination of films and application tapes to make our decals ensures you get an easy to install design that will last for a long time... and look Great!

3M or Solyx - your choice

Our standard markers are made with 3M Dusted Crystal Film.

If you would prefer Solyx Dusted Film or Avery Etchmark Film, please contact us to place a custom order. We can also make custom markers to satisfy the requests of designers and architects.

Although they look and perform almost identically, sometimes one or the other has been specified based on preference or to match an existing film. They are both of the same quality and can both be installed wet or dry.

Clear Choice instead of paper

A key factor to easy installation is the type of Application Tape used.

Application (Transfer) tape holds the individual pieces of the decal in place when you remove the backing sheet, and when it's removed after burnishing the decal onto the glass, leaves only the design adhered on the glass.

Most installers will tell you that Etched / Frosted film is almost impossible to see with standard paper application tape. Using Clear Application Tape allows you to see the film, making alignment / positioning of the decal on the glass much easier.

Manufacturer's Product Data Sheets:

For the specifications of each material we use, you can read the manufacturer's data sheets using the links below.

3M Dusted Crystal Film

Solyx Dusted Crystal Film